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"The NILIF program is remarkable because it's effective for such a wide variety of problems. A shy, timid dog becomes more relaxed knowing that he has nothing to worry about, his owner is in charge of all things. A dog that's pushing too hard to become "top dog" learns that the position is not available and that his life is far more enjoyable without the title..." 


Rehoming Your Australian Cattle Dog
We understand situations sometimes arise when people can no longer keep their dog, and decide there is no other alternative than to find them a new home. In these situations, we try to help if we are able to. 

If your ACD is having a behavioral issue, we are sometimes able to help directly with training and management suggestions, and can try to recommend trainers who may be able to help.

If rehoming your ACD is your only option, we can add your dog to our Dogs in Need list, but we can't guarantee that we will be able accept your dog into our foster care program; we are limited on available foster homes and shelter dogs take priority.

We can also post a Courtesy Listing on our Facebook page. The dog must be an ACD and cannot have any aggression issues or a bite history. If your dog is aggressive or has a bite history, we cannot do a courtesy listing or take them as foster dogs because it would be a liability to our rescue. 

Please note if we post a Courtesy Listing our Facebook page, it will be a Public post and your contact information will be shared. It will be your responsibility to respond to any inquiries and place the dog in an appropriate home. 

If you would like us to add your ACD to our Dogs in Need list and/or post a Courtesy Listing, please provide the following information:

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