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How to Readjust Your Dog's Sleeping Schedule After Adoption

You’ve just brought a new pup home and he’s now crying in the middle of the night. Or if it’s an adult dog, he might not be able to sleep through the night and seeking your attention. This is common in dogs because they are now in a totally different place with unknown humans and animals. In this article, we will discuss how you can readjust your dog’s sleeping schedule to match your routine and help them to slumber peacefully.

Why Do You Need To Refix Your Dog’s Sleeping Schedule?

A dog in a shelter lives with other dogs around. They would communicate a lot and sleep when they catch some time. In a nutshell, they don’t have a fixed schedule of sleeping and can awake anytime hearing barking from other dogs as well.

When you bring a new dog home from a shelter, he might be awake at night and may seek your attention either to play or to eliminate. This can disrupt your sleep and can become the reason for a lack of rest for you.

Also, if you have brought a puppy, he may wake you up multiple times in the night. Their bladders haven’t yet fully developed and have to go to urinate more frequently. Young puppies also cry at night because they are separated from their mother and siblings. Sometimes puppies also suffer from separation anxiety.

However, in that case, you should let them sleep in your room until they’re okay sleeping alone in their bed in a different room. And let the puppy out from their bed to eliminate whenever they want. Once you’ll fix their feeding schedule, they will likely to eliminate at the same time every day. So can expect when to wake up to get them out of the bed to pee and poop.

Once your dog’s routine is fixed, he will know when he will get to eat, when to relieve, when to play, and especially when to sleep. All in all, whether it’s a newborn pup or an adult dog, you should try to fix their sleeping schedule to match with yours to have the happiest time together.

How To Fix Schedule For an Adult Dog

An adult dog has developed a personality and it will be beneficial to know more about the dog from his care giver. Ask about the dog’s likes and dislikes and try to replicate his surroundings to keep all things familiar. This is important because no matter how old is your dog and how he is reacting, he will feel different and strange in his new surroundings at first.

Meal Times

Dogs’ feeding schedules are quite important as that will decide when your dog will have to eliminate and feel hungry again. Start feeding your dog at the same time every day. This way they will feel the need to relive accordingly. If you want your dog to be up an hour later in the morning, try to push their mealtime an hour later and keep his sleeping area calm and moderately dark (by not letting direct sunlight come through windows).


As the saying goes, a tired dog is a happy dog, your pooch should get enough exercise. This includes mental stimulation as well. A dog requires at least 30 minutes of walking each day to spend all pent up energy. However, the amount of exercise will depend on the breed of your dog and you should also keep that in mind.

Get the dog on a potty walk right before sleeping. When a dog is relieved and well-fed, can sleep through the night and won’t wake you up for eliminating or for food until in the morning.

Calm and Familiar Bedding

You might be worried about how your dog would react to the new setting and the surroundings. He may bark, howl, or may become destructive and what not. Keep your dog in a separate room and don’t allow them to roam around the whole house where he can possibly destruct things. Provide with a comfy and large enough dog bed.

Also, if you can get your dog’s familiar blanket and his bed from the previous owner, that will help your dog to remain calm, familiar, and have a goodnight’s sleep. Nevertheless, if that’s not possible, try to keep the surroundings quiet, comfortable, and put toys around their bed.

Senior dogs may have mobility issues and feel pain when they rest. Getting a comfortable orthopedic dog bed and consulting your vet to address the condition will do the job. (

What You Can Do About Sleep of A Newborn Puppy

Newborn puppies need to relieve more frequently and you have to wake up to help them eliminate. But if they can’t sleep due to separation anxiety and unfamiliar surroundings, here’s all you can do. (

Don’t Let Them Sleep On Your Bed

You might feel the urge to let the puppy sleep with you on your bed after you see them crying at night. Well, this is wrong, if after a month, you are going to train them to sleep in their own bed. Being consistent with the routine is key. Most puppies (and adult dogs) remain calm when they get to see their new parents from the bed. If you are okay with letting them sleep in your bedroom, it’s fine. You can move to their final sleeping place once they’re familiar with their new surroundings.

Place Some Toys Around

Spreading your pup’s toys around his bed will be helpful. Also, if you can get hold of a piece of cloth smelling like his mother or siblings will also keep him calm and ease separation anxiety. When you bring a new pup, discuss how he’s doing with your vet so he could advise you the best on how to deal with the anxiety if it’s worse than usual. Placing dog pheromonal diffusers also may help. Ask your vet if that’s safe for your puppy and needed.

Ensure He’s Full

A pup with a stomach filled appropriately and relieved before sleeping can get good sleep. He might also be crying because he was still hungry before he went to bed.

Ignore Him When Needed

Some puppies may cry just to get your attention. If that’s the case, you have to ignore it. They may begin crying as soon as you start leaving. It is hard to leave behind a crying puppy, but he soon will be tired and sleep. On the other hand, if he starts crying in the middle of the night, wake up and check for any signs of commotions and let them relieve. You may also be surprised by accidents because their bodies are not yet developed to control nature’s calls. Cover the surrounding area of their bed with newspapers and you will be fine. It will help you to clean the mess easily.

The EndNote

It’s important that you train your new dog to fix their sleeping schedule so that they are asleep through the night and get the maximum attention from you when you’re awake and available. Moreover, the new dog may take some time to be familiar with his new surroundings and follows his new routine. I’ve included how you can fix your dog’s sleeping schedule or make a pup’s sleeping easier and comfortable in this article. If you want to share your experience with our readers or have any questions, please let us know.

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